Hyperloop Development

We are on a journey towards developing a climate-neutral, ground-based transportation system. Find out what we are currently working on.


After winning the competitions, what’s our next milestone?

Over the last years, TUM Hyperloop won all of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competitions.

In 2023, TUM Hyperloop will reveal Europe’s first passenger-sized Hyperloop demonstrator. It will prove the working principle of all key technologies needed to make Hyperloop a reality.

Our dedicated and talented team based in Munich is developing the technology that will change the way we travel.

Magnetic levitation & propulsion systems
to efficiently reach ultra-high speeds

Passenger-sized pod vehicle
to provide a superior passenger experience

Concrete vacuum tube
to minimize air drag and energy consumption

Scalable design
to quickly replicate it at all places around the world


How will Hyperloop change the way you travel?

Hyperloop combines the speed of a flight with the convenience of a train ride.

At around 850 km/h, Hyperloop connects mobility hubs in large metropolitan areas and enables a truly unique passenger experience.

Passengers save time and gain comfort while effortlessly travelling at ultra-fast speeds in an environmentally friendly way.

Simulation & Modelling
to maximize the capabilities of our technology

Feasibility Studies
to connect mobility hubs across the European continent

to minimize energy losses due to air drag

Safety Analysis
to create the safest Hyperloop technology possible


Join us in making Hyperloop a reality!

We are looking for smart and passionate students who want to create an impact on the world of today.

Meet and connect with us on our team page.