TUM Hyperloop

Engineering a world without the limits of distance and time

Our Purpose

Redefining how we move in the future

We develop the technology for ultra-fast, emission-free, and effortless connections between mobility hubs.

We develop the next generation of transportation.

Copenhagen to Stockholm

39 min


Building Europe's first passenger-sized hyperloop test segment

our development program

Pushing the boundaries of technology and mobility

Technology Development

Developing Europe’s first passenger-sized hyperloop demonstrator to test and prove the working principle of all key technologies.

Concept Analysis

Analyzing the impact of our technology, identifying suitable corridors to connect Europe’s mobility hubs, and enhancing hyperloop’s feasibility.


A team assembled to write future

TUM Hyperloop combines the experience of professionals and academic leaders with the ingenuity and passion of students.

We have assembled a team of bright minds to make hyperloop a reality. Our people are fueled by passion – for technology, innovation, and engineering.



Breaking barriers and records

TUM Hyperloop has a long tradition of developing and building advanced prototypes.

Over the years, our team has won each edition of the international SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, breaking the speed records with the fastest pod while testing key technologies needed for the development of ultra-high-speed ground transportation.

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Join us on our journey

Demonstrator Tube Nears Completion

Concrete tube for Europe’s first passenger-size hyperloop demonstrator nears completion