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TUM Hyperloop is one of the leading hyperloop players to make convenient and sustainable ultra-high-speed transportation a reality.

Hyperloop interior

A pod designed around the passenger

Intuitively interact with the pod

for a superior travel experience

Enjoy a unique new way of mobility

tailored to your personal needs

Passenger Module

Developed for individual mobility

The passenger module presented is unique in the world and provides a realistic insight into the unique travel experience with hyperloop.

The vehicle was developed for use in partial vacuum and thus enables the system to be operated with passengers for the first time in Europe. The combination of modern ultra-light materials makes the vehicle both energy efficient and safe.

Hyperloop station

A hyperloop hub tailored to your city

Arrive at your boarding zone

with any mode of transportation

Experience a mobility hub

seamlessly integrated in your city

Travel on demand

with effortless ticketing

Access your hyperloop pod

in destination-specific boarding zones

Hyperloop Hub

Tailored solution for optimal urban integration

Together with the release of the demonstrator, TUM Hyperloop also presents a realistic outlook on how the Hyperloop system can be integrated into today’s cities. The Hyperloop Hub sets new standards in urban design, reduces the functional aspects of infrastructure and creates additional living space with green park and recreation elements.

The featured Hyperloop Hub is a completely new concept and revolutionizes the way we think about urban connectivity. With its modular design, the hub fits perfectly into an existing cityscape and ties into important existing infrastructure. The size of the hub can be customized and integrated into the city depending on space requirements and passenger volumes.

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