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Explore our demonstrator and core technologies - COMING SOON

Two years ago, we made a promise – to make hyperloop a reality and with it fundamentally redefine how we move in the future. We went back to the drawing board and developed a revolutionary new vision and concept.

We designed a brand-new system for all core technologies, engineered a new tube and pod, and thoroughly checked it for quality and safety. Now we’re ready to start building the future – beginning with Europe’s first passenger-size demonstrator in Munich’s Isar Valley.

Magnetic levitation & propulsion systems

to efficiently reach ultra-high speeds

Passenger-sized pod vehicle

to provide a superior passenger experience

Concrete vacuum tube

to minimize air drag and energy consumption

Scalable design

to quickly replicate it at all places around the world

Simulation & Modelling

to maximize the capabilities of our technology

Feasibility Studies

to connect mobility hubs across the European continent


to minimize energy losses due to air drag

Safety Analysis

to create the safest Hyperloop technology possible

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