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Hyperloop Demonstrator

Join us on our journey as we build Europe’s first ever hyperloop test segment in passenger size.


Developing hyperloop for passenger transportation

Two years ago, we made a promise – to make hyperloop a reality, and with it, fundamentally redefine how we move in the future. After four years of competing on a global stage we went back to the drawing board to develop a revolutionary new vision and concept, to achieve one goal – developing hyperloop for passengers.

Our hyperloop demonstrator is the first segment of an extensive testing strategy, intended for developing and certifying core hyperloop systems and technologies. It includes a full-scale concrete vacuum tube and a passenger-size pod vehicle. The demonstrator is the first of its kind in Europe, certified for operation with passengers, allowing a glimpse into what a hyperloop system will look like.

With the support of the Bavarian state government and their Hightech Agenda, the demonstrator is the key technology piece developed by the TUM Hyperloop Program at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Testing of critical systems

to achieve market readiness of the technology

Building the first segment in full scale

to realize hyperloop for passenger transport​​

Preparing passenger operations

with certified safety standards and interior concept


First system certified for passenger operation

TUM Hyperloop achieves a historic milestone in the development of hyperloop technology, becoming the first organization in Europe to certify a hyperloop test segment for passenger operations.

The TUM Hyperloop demonstrator was certified as a test facility for passenger transportation together with TÜV SÜD. The certification is based on corresponding standards for machine safety as well as the world’s first guideline for hyperloop systems, which defines the essential safety requirements for planning, construction and operation of such systems.

This certification not only confirms the great work of the TUM Hyperloop team, but also allows safety aspects to be taken into account from the outset in the development of the technology and creates the best conditions for future certification processes for hyperloop systems. TUM Hyperloop aims to do pioneering work in the worldwide hyperloop development, taking a critical next step in the realization of this groundbreaking technology.


Construction progress


Dive into our hyperloop demonstrator technology

Passenger Module

The passenger module is truly first of its kind, giving an inside look of what traveling by hyperloop will look like. Its architecture and design were developed from the ground up, featuring an exterior with aerodynamics in mind while giving the pod its distinct TUM Hyperloop look. Additionally, a combination of lightweight materials gives the pod an advantage in energy consumption.

Notably, our demonstrator features the world’s first passenger module with integrated interior concept, offering a glimpse of what traveling in a hyperloop will look and feel like. Our team completely reimagined what a hyperloop pod has to offer, crafting an interior and interface design to elevate the passenger experience. This version of our cabin accommodates up to five passengers, and its modular platform allows easy scalability for more passengers or reconfiguration for cargo transportation.

Highest safety standards

Certified for passenger operation

Lightweight materials

For efficient operation

Unique cabin interior

Designed around the passenger


Service Module

The service module is the technological heart of our hyperloop pod vehicle, located underneath the passenger module. It houses the levitation, guidance, propulsion and electronics systems, allowing the pod to hover and move precisely within the guideway without physical contact. 

By eliminating contact friction, our magnetic levitation system greatly improves the efficiency of the pod and reduces the maintenance needs. Onboard electronics carry out the calculations that control the pod’s movements, while exchanging commands and telemetry data with the operation control station.

No contact friction

Thanks to magnetic levitation

High efficiency

Due to low energy system design

Precise movement

Steered by sophisticated software


Vacuum Tube

One of the characteristic elements of a hyperloop is the near-vacuum the pod travels in. The elimination of air resistance enables ultra high-speed travel with minimal energy consumption. Our demonstrator brings this vision into the first segment.

The 24-meter-long and 4-meter-wide concrete structure is designed to maintain a vacuum within a large volume, serving as an ideal test environment for hyperloop operations. In addition, the segment integrates the guideway, which houses all track elements required for the contactless movement of our passenger vehicle.

Concrete material

For long infrastructure lifespan

Vacuum environment

For minimal air resistance

Scalable design

With modular structure


Operation Station Control

The operation control station is the central hub where all components of the demonstrator system are overseen and managed. This is where all the information is gathered, decisions are made, and commands are issued. It’s the brain of our hyperloop, providing instant access to real-time data from sensors throughout the system.

Next to the central control room, isolated units also house our power supply and high-performance vacuum pumps. Along with controlling the vacuum and power systems, the control room ensures that our testing proceeds flawlessly and provides crucial feedback on the demonstrator’s performance.

Integrated system

Custom-developed for hyperloop operation

Extensive data analytics

For design and technology optimization

Commercial grade

To test technology for future hyperloop tracks


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